HABA Alu28



Milled rolled aluminium plates: EN AW-5083 / EN AW-AlMg4.5Mn0.7

HABA Alu28 is an annealed, naturally hard rolled plate with a precisely milled surface. The plates have an excellent parallelism, are easy to machine and dimensionally stable. HABA Alu28 is well suited for machining. Use tools for working aluminium with a cutting speed >2000 m/min. Threads are produced favourably with thread moulders.



  • Base plates
  • Rotary tables
  • Side walls
  • Foam and sample moulds



Thickness precisely milled Ra0.8 (N6)
Tolerance +/-0.1 mm
protective film one-sided
cardboard one-sided
Parallelism ≤0.1 mm
Evenness ≤0.2 mm
Length/width Ra3.2-6.3 cut with a precision circular saw, cut edges deburred
HABA standard tolerance nominal size +0.8/+0.3 mm
Customer-specific tolerance within a tolerance field of 0.4 mm

We also produce other thicknesses and tolerances on request.



Tensile strength Rm 255-350 (N/mm2)
Yield strength Rp0.2 ≥105 (N/mm2) / typical values 140-200 (N/mm2)
Breaking strain (Lo = 5 do) A5 ≥12 % / typical values 17-22 %
Brinell hardness (HBS) ≥70
Density 2.66 kg/dm3
E-module ~70.000 N/mm2
Thermal conductivity coefficient 110-140 (W/mK)
Thermal expansion coefficient 24.2 x 10-6/K
Electrical conductivity 16-19 m/Ω mm2
State H111 (soft)